酸辣土豆丝/Sour and Spicy Shredded Potatoes

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酸辣土豆丝是一道爽脆可口,人见人爱的家常菜。这道菜做到爽脆是关键。这跟土豆的选择,土豆丝的处理及炒制的时间火候把握有着密切关系。土豆应该选择淀粉含量少水分多的品种,比如红皮土豆 和白皮土豆。土豆丝要切得细且均匀,炒制的时候就会受热均匀,成熟度一致。切好的土豆丝要浸泡于水中防止氧化变黑,并在水中加少量醋(第一次加醋)。醋能保护植物细胞的细胞壁,使其口感爽脆。土豆丝浸泡5分钟后冲洗掉多余淀粉,沥干水份。炒香花椒和干红辣椒时用中低火,否则容易炒焦导致苦味。土豆丝入锅前转大火升高油温,入锅后加醋(第二次加醋)加糖快速翻炒,炒至五成熟加入青红椒丝翻炒至土豆丝成透明状再次加醋(第三次加醋)提味增香,加盐调味出锅。一盆爽脆可口,色泽鲜亮的酸辣土豆丝就做好啦!


土豆 300克
青椒 25克
红椒 25克
干红辣椒 3克
花椒 5克
白醋 15ml
盐 3克
糖 3克
油 30ml


Sour and spicy shredded potatoes is a very popular Chinese dish. The key is to make it crispy and refreshing. This is closely related to the choice of potato, handling of the potato shreds and the control of cooking time and heat. Potatoes with a low starch content and high moisture are good choices for this dish, such as red potatoes and white potatoes. Potatoes should be cut into shreds in similar sizes. The reason is different shred sizes require different cooking time. Having the potato shreds to be cooked at the same time, the cutting step is important. After shredding the potatoes, soak them in water to stop potato shreds turning brown, also add some vinegar (first time)to the water—to enhance the crispy texture. Rinse off the extra potato starch in 5 mins and drain the water. Saute peppercorn and dried chili pepper over low-medium heat until fragrant, scoop the peppercorn and chili pepper out, and leave the peppercorn-flavored oil in pan. Turn to high heat to bring the oil temperature up, add potato shreds, vinegar (second time)and sugar, stir fry the potato shreds quickly until it’s 50% done, then add green pepper shreds and red pepper shreds , continue stir fry until the potato shreds are translucent. Add vinegar (third time) and salt, dish out. A crispy, refreshing sour and spicy shredded potatoes is ready to serve!


Potato 300g
Green pepper 25g
Red pepper 25g
Dried chili pepper 3g
Peppercorn 5g
White vinegar 1 tablespoon
Salt 1/2 teaspoon
Sugar 1/2 teaspoon
Oil 2 tablespoon


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