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Richmond near Home depot, with total area of 2090 square feet ground floor.

Height of 20 feet 1360sqft warehouse for $ 1600.00 plus $480.00 additional rent per month

Height of 8 feet 730sqft storage / office for $ 850.00 plus $255.00 additional rent per month

Can be rented separately or together as one unit.

A total rent of $ 2450.00 plus $ 735.00 additional rent per month.

Rental Deposit Minimum: $5000.00 depends on type of business.

Additional Rent includes: Triple Net, Electricity, Water/Sewage Usage. Subject to change due to type of business.

Internet: Wifi-ShawOpen

Parking: 2 parking stalls plus one loading.

Tel: (604) 782-5139


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